Internet Safety 101


When I was growing up, besides telephones, the only advanced piece of technology that was accessible to us were computers. If you wanted to find something out you had to take a trip to the library or ask your mom for the answer, which she usually replied with, “take a trip to the library” anyways. Nowadays, the devices accessible to children are endless. The Internet is somewhere where children should be able to have fun and feel safe, which is why I feel it is necessary for me to address the topic of internet safety as my first blog post for my class.

The first thing to remember before logging on to the Internet is to recognize the difference between information that should be shared with the world and information that should not be. As a second grade teacher, I see how quickly children trust some things or someone, so make sure your child knows what information they should be putting on the web.

Another thing I noticed after my first year of teaching is the important of creating a comfortable relationship between you and children. This year my classroom was using the Ipads to research about the different parts of a plant. Some of the young boys in my class came to a website with some vulgar ads on the right column of it. To avoid any problems within my classroom I encourage my students that if they come across anything bad while using the Internet they should come see me first before they do anything else. This creates an open environment for my students to feel comfortable enough to come and talk to me about something that may be uncomfortable.

These tips are not the only ones to consider when dealing with your children about Internet safety. As a teacher, I recognize how important it is to use technology in my classroom. I am always having the students bring out the Ipads to research different things throughout the day, so I make sure to implement rules for them to ensure safety. The Internet should be a fun and exciting place for children to explore and expand their knowledge. It can be used for good and for bad, so like I said before, parents must try to teach their child to use the Internet for good. For more information and tips about Internet safety, check out these websites…I have found them extremely helpful when addressing the topic of staying safe on the Internet!

Also, if you have any questions regarding your child’s safety in our classroom or have any further questions, please email me at!